Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Bullshit-Job Boom

The Bullshit-Job Boom
For more and more people, work appears to serve no purpose. Is there any good left in the grind?

Pretty interesting, not quite sure it was worthy of a post, but I found interesting. I don't buy into the full premise, but do absolutely agree that we have a problem with being so focused on job creation, with almost no care about what  the jobs are.

Classic example is the gas stations here in Oregon, where the law requires them to be full service (you can't pump your own gas, by law). Because we need jobs! And why don't we force companies to hire people that walk in circles, since that would also be a boon for job creation! We need to think about what increases the overall well-being of society, and focus on job-creation (or elimination in some cases) that improves our society...

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